Food & Restaurant Photography


Being a New Orleans native, food is a large component of my heritage. I take pride in showcasing one of the largest things that bring people together, because of what Leah Chase said “Food builds big bridges. If you can eat with someone, you can learn from them, and when you learn from someone, you can make big changes. We changed the course of America in this restaurant over bowls of gumbo. We can talk to each other and relate to each other when we eat together."


My food journey started in high school as I enrolled myself in the culinary arts program provided by my school. From there, my love of food grew. I worked in various shops and restaurants until I followed my passion for photography. In college, I began to use my love for food and Louisiana in my work. Today, I cook and photograph my works, along with working with local farmers & restaurants in documenting their dishes.



Photography sessions and styles vary depending on your needs. All sessions start at $200 per hour, but are tailored to what you want. We photograph dishes, staff, interior & exterior of restaurants, and events. No project is too small. Contact us and we can set up a meeting to discover your needs.