Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions about boudoir due to the vulnerable nature of this style of photography. Here are a few with some answers. You are always welcome to ask question, and we encourage that you do!

What is boudoir photography?
Boudoir photography portrays women in a sensual fashion and is usually evocative of their sexuality and not necessarily explicit. The way we look at this style of photography is it's meant to empower and celebrate the person as a whole. Boudoir photography can be dated all the way back to the 1920's and continues to be a celebrated service for women everywhere. New Orleans is well established in the history of boudoir photography thanks to the Storyville neighborhood district and the photography of EJ Bellocq.

How far in advance do I have to schedule?
We request that you book us 4-6 weeks prior to desired shoot date. We also would like you to know that all products ordered will be received by you 4-6 weeks after your final purchase payment has been received.

Do you bring anyone else on the shoot or do you mind if someone is there with me? 
We love to keep the focus on you so we recommend that you set aside your boudoir time as "me time". We just ask that no spouses come. They tend to make clients even more nervous. If you feel more comfortable with a friend coming along, you are more than welcome to bring them. But, please limit guest to 1 per shoot and we will ask them to enjoy our lobby while we shoot. (There are plenty of places of entertainment around if your guest wants to check out before we shoot and needs something to do while we make you glamorous! We can recommend some if you'd like.)

How soon will I get my pictures back?
We like to give a timeline of 4-6 weeks after your reveal session and ordering approvals and payments have been established. This way we can ensure you the quality product you deserve.

When does my reveal session happen?
We can do same day or scheduled reveal sessions. Usually for same day reveal sessions, we like to have about 2 hrs in between the shoot and reveal session. While you wait, we suggest that you go have lunch (we all know you were too nervous to eat anything.) This also gives you time to relax after the shoot.

Another photographer is willing to give me all the images from the session, do you do that?
No we do not. The reason is because we make sure you get the very best that follow our strict standards.

I am really interested in a session, but I'm really nervous. Is this for me? What should I expect?
These sessions are for everyone, but because of the sensitive nature of this type of photography, we ask that our clients be 25 years or older.

Are my photos private?
Unless you have signed a model release allowing us to publicly publish your photos, all of your photos will remain private.

Should I get my hair and makeup done too?
Hair & makeup services are included in your booking fee. We have a team of expert stylists and artists we work with wherever we go. This is also about the process of pampering you so you get that boost of confidence. Your booking fee is a non refundable retainer.

I look nothing like the girls on your website? I’m older than, not as thin as, my skin is not flawless like the women on your website, can I still book a session with you?
OF COURSE! We encourage people that want to get out their comfort zone to book with us. We also understand the feelings of anxiety. Little secret: everyone is nervous. So do something positive and empowering for yourself by booking a session.

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?
While we do not provide outfits, we can help you coordinate the proper looks for you in a style consultation prior to your session. We even suggest places to shop!

I have some imperfections. Can you get rid of them?
While we would love all of our flaws to be gone forever, we do not  retouch our photographs. We only do light editing for photographic quality purposes. We want you to feel amazing about yourself, and from past experience we have found doing retouching only hurts our clientele more than helping them to build up the self confidence and self worth that we strive to help you find.

Where do the shoots take place?
We are available for travel to your hotel in New Orleans Metro, Kansas City Metro and surrounding cities. ALL shoots are done (by appointment only) in luxe hotels, architecturally distinct historic buildings, beautifully restored public homes, and other hand-selected locations. Location will be chosen based on consultation, confirmed by you and location manager/owner, and sent to you prior to your shoot. We do offer in-home sessions at private residences as well (Case by case basis only. Not available to all.) 

What is your refund policy? 
Due to the custom nature of photography, the session price and all products ordered are non-refundable. You have final say on anything custom (album design, canvases, prints, etc.) and nothing goes to print without your approval.

Will you travel out of state/out of country?
Yes. Contact me at for inquiries. Certain travel rates may apply.