Sony Alpha Female


My personal journey as a photographer has been interesting. The first time I really was fascinated by the action of creating a still image through the lens was in 2ndgrade during a lunar eclipse. My dad had set up his Pentax MX with a telephoto lens to try and capture the blood orange coloring of the moon. Seeing the process of the tangible image being made lit the fire in me to make images.



I played with photography through high school, but it wasn’t until college I became really serious about it. At that point, I worked in a camera store as a photo finisher while taking classes at my community college. When the state decided to cut my program, I applied to the Kansas City Art Institute. There I majored in Photography and learned so much more about construction, critique, and the intension of art making.


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Since leaving college, I’ve had a job as a marketing and office manger for my godfather’s franchising business, but have longed to go into photography full time. Because of having to go directly into the workforce, I feel like I have neglected my work even with the few major pursuits I have attempted. I was in a major car accident last year, and it gave me time to reflect on what I needed to do in order to make this a reality. To be honest, the longing for being a full-time photographer is what got me through my recovery. One major outcome of this journey: I have found my voice (the voice I want) as a photographer.


Being an Alpha Female does not mean always being number one at everything and being self involved. It means (to me at least) to be able to have the ability to raise others up. When I was searching for the type of voice I wanted as a photographer, I wanted to be empowering, uplifting, bold, fun, and daring. This is why I have chosen to become a boudoir photographer. I want to make each and every client love themselves, their bodies, and get the ultimate boost of confidence while rocking it in their most vulnerable state. 



New Orleans is one of the main birthplaces for boudoir photography. One of the first photographers I look up to for this is E.J. Bellocq and his imagery of the Storyville Madams.  I have decided for my business to play upon the historical factors of New Orleans with the added factor of being a positive, uplifting, and empowering boudoir photographer to create Storyville Boudoir by Duke & Gunder Studios.


With the Alpha Female Program’s help, I could become not only more financially stable as a photographer, gain the updated gear and mentor guidance I so desperately need during my transition to full-time photographer, but have the ability to provide the needed confidence boosting photography my clientele deserves. I'd like to mix the history of New Orleans, the inner and outer beauty of clients, and the empowering & positive photographs that I produce to drive my business forward.