Mail's here!

Today was the day of interesting mail. One thing was something I was expecting, and the other was something I was not.


Let's start with the unexpected. An unknown package from an unknown person. Now, I had the man at the post office open it for me because of not knowing what it was. When he opened it, Speed Ez Els popped out in all sizes. Then I remembered... I had requested some and pricing on them in a group and the person asked for my address. My guess is he just sent them to me because I never heard from them again. Checked all my emails and spam folders. Thank you kind person. 


Now, for the expected: brand spanking new Polaroid film! I had a client request for their engagement shoot as most of you know, and I'm excited to say they will be using some of the photos we will take with this film as cake toppers at their wedding in November!

I look forward to sharing more news with you all soon!